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    As you may have noticed, we have several different sizes. Let us try to explain the differences:)

    1) The Classic Necklush - We call it the classic, because it's exactly that! It's a perfect size for all seasons, for both girls and guys. This is an attention magnet, so be ready.

    2) The Ultra Necklush - It's basically the Large version of the Classic. Twice the amount of strands, for a bolder look. Perfect for those of you who need a little extra warmth, or like to get all the attention!

    3) The Cowl Necklush - The cowl is shorter in length than the Classic and the Ultra. The strands are thicker. You can put it on and flip once, and it's a great wrap around your neck.  This is Troy's favorite size!

    4) The Plush Necklush - This one is the same length as the Classic & Ultra, the thickness of the scarf is right inbetween those two sizes, and the strands are thicker as well.  It's got a great volume to it, and feels wonderful on.  We love the Plush!

    5) The Necklush Skinny Scarf - It's a fabulous 5 very thick strand scarf necklace. It's just about the coolest size ever because you can rock it with jeans, or dress up.  You will love it because of it's versatility.  

    6) The Necklush Chunky Circle Scarf - The name says it all! A perfect gift for scarf lovers. Chunky oversized circle scarves for women and men. Fabulous!