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Free Shipping in the USA!
Free Shipping in the USA!

Find the scarf that works best for you


Necklush Classic Infinity Scarf

CLASSIC - A perfect size for all seasons, for both girls and guys. This is an attention magnet, are you ready?  Unisex


Classic Infinity Scarf

CHUNKY - The Large version of the Classic. Twice the amount of strands, for a bolder (and warmer) look. Unisex


Chunky Scarf by Necklush

COWL - The cowl is shorter in length than the Classic and the Chunky. The strands are thicker. You can put it on and wrap once for a close to the neck, cowl look.  Unisex


Cowl Scarves

CIRCLE - Chunky oversized circle scarves for women and men.  Super soft cotton jersey. Unisex


Fabric Necklace

NECKLACE - A lightweight hand printed fabric necklace.  Works great w jeans & tshirt. Unisex


Long Scarves

LONG - Super long and soft cotton jersey. Unisex


Check out our friend Rachel Barnes rockin the Necklush styles.

*** the "Ultra" is now called "Chunky"

If you have any questions please contact us here.