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Necklush Standard Infinity Scarves

Hand Printed Circle Scarf Necklace Hybrids by NECKLUSH

The Necklush® infinity scarf necklace is perfect for both women and men.  It's a lightweight circle scarf you can loop or drape to create a fabulous layered style. The patterns are hand printed by Troy and Stephano in the Necklush® studios in Athens,GA.  You can find tips on how to wear a Necklush here.

TimeOut NY says Necklush® is the "unique scarf-necklace hybrid...the options are endless!"

Hello Giggles says "I cannot walk a half block without being approached by someone who I think wants to talk to me, but instead gushes over my Necklush Infinity scarf!"

U.S. Patent No. 8,321,963